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Global recruitment

Someone watches as Victoria Beckham shakes everything out of her bag and explains why she needs 6 types of powder, and we watch as cool recruiters tell us about their technology stack.

FuryFerret Recruitment Tools

The tool that you have to install directly on the computer. But it’s worth it.

With FuryFerret, you can find a person’s social media profiles if you know their nickname. The tool simultaneously checks more than 20 different resources. Including Codecademy, Habr, Gitlab, Codewars. Cool stuff.

And by nickname on Github, you can collect user analytics, find out what technologies he uses in his work and what repositories he has the most. FuryFerret also has a function for receiving mail from the “bowels” of the Github account (yes, you don’t have to go anywhere and look for mail in commits).

We have already told you about this tool. Use it to create an x-ray request and find the guys you want on Linkedin, Dribbble, Github, Xing, Stack Overflow, Twitter.

For example, we made a request for React developers with Redux & Javascript skills:”joined on “-intitle:” at master “-inurl:” tab “-inurl:” jobs. ” -inurl: “articles” + “React” AND “Redux” AND “Javascript”


Slack is love!

You already know about Slack as a tool for communication within a team. But the guys at Intella also use Slack for sourcing. And to build the recruitment process in Slack, the guys recommend:

Use Slack to work with your team on a job: post notes after an interview, assign tasks to colleagues from whom you expect feedback, or invite colleagues to recommend an employee to you.

Ask colleagues to rate the text of the vacancy / resume of the candidate (well, why else does Slack have emoji – at least there, you can get feedback in one click).

Create separate channels for each candidate – save notes, resume, cover letter and customer comments here.

Create a channel for the new employee (s) to help them adapt in the team.


A cool tool to help you understand technical terms faster. Install the extension, highlight technologies, frameworks that you do not understand, read the description. At the same time you improve your English – perfect!

Search by Image

Image search – use to find a candidate on other social networks. Yes, we most often use the same photos in our profiles. Right-click, select Search by Image, and then select the search engine with which you will search for a photo.


There is the application itself, and there is the extension. In the application, you can directly create documents and immediately check your grammar, text style and punctuation. With the help of the extension, you can also check the text in Google Doc or Notion. If you often write in English, as they say, highly recommend!

Boolean Assistant

Another extension that allows you to generate a boolean query, and also to find the mail of the person you want on Linkedin.


Again, an extension for Chrome – allows you to store email templates, not waste time on “Good afternoon, name”, and also – to share with the team your most effective cold emails. Greatly saves time on writing letters. Available for Gmail, Inbox by Gmail and Outlook.

Google Custom Search

Google has the ability to create its own search engine, only for those resources that interest you.

Graph Search on Facebook

To continue using Graph Search, you need to:

To do this, go to Settings >> Language and Region >> Facebook Language >> English

Go to the page >>

We are looking for people who are interesting to you.

Detailed search instructions are not for the faint of heart!;)

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