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Give color to your leather clothing

Now you can give color to your leather clothing items. In fact it is quite easy. In the following article we will give you a number of tips. So you can easily manage your own painting project.

When painting shoes of other leather items you don’t want them to look boring. Painting them is an easy way to change some items in you wardrobe without having to break the bank. So painting your shoes is actuallly the best way to save your money!

And antoher thing that’s fortunate, painting a pair of shoes is very easy. And without spending a lot of time you can acheive great results. The enternet has a lot of communities and shoe-painters is one of them! So there is a lot of experience out there. You can ask them anything and they will give you some helpfull advice. But most regular people have never seen a pair of painted shoes in real life.

You can buy some inexpensive shoes and make them more special or make them look just like some more expensive shoes. The people around you will never know the dirrefence. You can have the Angelus leather paint for under 5 pounds so there is no need to think that this project will become an expensive one.

We recommend Angelus leather paint. We do this because this leather paint is most renown for its high quality. The paint is on a acrylic base and is realy inexpensve. This makes for fantastic value for money. Angelus ha sa wide variety of colors. They even offer bright neon colors!

Painting the leather is a proces that goes according to three steps.

First you preparet he laether survace by removing the existing layers of polish with a prepairer,

The you add the leather dye with a brush,

Finally you use the acryllic finisher. You can choose your own finish matte or gloss.